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Lithia Springs Pole Signs
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Lithia Springs Pole Signs


Are you looking for the ultimate in brand visibility and new customer attraction? Do you want a sign that serves as a beacon to passing motorists and potential shoppers, letting them know that you have the food, gas, warm bed, supplies, or services that they need?

We have the perfect signage solution for you!

Complete Storefront Signage

Nothing attracts new customers and grows your business quite like a custom pole sign. High-impact and high visibility, they are completely customizable to your brand and business, often including custom design, lighting, or even digital message centers and digital displays for the ultimate in personalization and easy modification.

Permanent, freestanding signage installed at your business location, pole signs deliver the greatest impact and widest range of visibility of any of our signage offerings.

JBP & Associates Inc. assists with every aspect of your pole sign project, including design, manufacturing, and installation. Whether you are looking for the single sign to support your existing signage or looking for a complete, new business signage package, our Lithia Springs signage experts are here to help.

We are excited to provide you with high-quality solutions that support your business goals, suit your business location, and ultimately add more money to your bottom line.

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Illuminated Pole Signs

Dairy Queen Pylon Sign

Most pole signs include an element of lighting or illumination. Lighted pole signs further increase your business visibility by allowing your messaging to be clearly seen during late hours or bad weather.

Ideal for businesses that are open late, these signs can tower 20 feet or more into the air, attracting weary travelers from miles away.

A lighted pole sign is created by custom producing a large-format cabinet sign and affixing it to a raised support pole. Your pole sign can be as straightforward or as complex as you desire, with the ability to add custom elements like message boards or other supporting signage.

While pole signs may seem like a substantial investment, they also deliver a substantial bang for your buck. Considering their reach, impact, and longevity, a well-designed pole sign will quickly pay for itself in increased sales and new customer acquisition. We can help determine if a pole sign is feasible for your location and brand.

Call JBP & Associates Inc. at (678) 941-1840 for a free consultation!

Pylon & Tenant Signs

Pylon Sign Tenant signPylon signs and tenant signs are very similar to pole signs. They also rise above the rooftops of neighboring businesses; however, they typically utilize a broad base or dual support structure, allowing them to provide more information than a standard pole sign. Pylon signs are not as towering as a pole sign; however, they are usually constructed of more substantial, more durable materials to support the additional signage requirements.

Tenant signs are a popular type of pylon sign, utilized to advertise all of the different businesses located within a facility or complex. This type of signage is common and ideal for business parks, industrial centers, malls, shopping centers, or other groups of businesses looking to gain visibility.

Looking for the perfect signage blend for your business or storefront? Our Lithia Springs pole, pylon, and tenant sign experts are here for you!

Call JBP & Associates Inc. at (678) 941-1840 for expert advice and assistance!

Free Pole Sign Consultation

The Lithia Springs, GA pole sign experts at JBP & Associates Inc. are excited to deliver for you! From the initial signage concept design through to installation of your final sign and elements, we handle everything. If you want a dedicated and experienced local signs and graphics partner, JBP & Associates Inc. is the perfect choice for all of your commercial signage needs.

Call JBP & Associates Inc. today at (678) 941-1840 for a Free Consultation with a Pole Sign Expert!